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- swazi mentally - zulu tendencies - pedi sensibilities -


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Fall - Winter 2019
THWASA: The Light of the New Moon

Thwasa is a Zulu word meaning ‘the light of the new moon’, which refers to the journey that initiates (who have received the calling to heal) in South Africa undertake in their training to become traditional healers. It is an incarnation of nature and the ancestral world. It is a spiritual journey. In the same vein, this collection is a representation of my return to my true calling - my return to fashion design - and represents the journey I have undertaken. It is a depiction of my heritage influenced by South African traditions and silhouettes, infused with colours inspired by the moonlight. 


spring summer 2012
mabu: mother of the soil

Mother of the Soil is the debut collection for mabu49, which was officially launched at the Spring/Summer South African Fashion Week in 2011. Mabu is my mother’s name, and it is a Pedi/Northern Sotho (a South African language) word meaning ‘mother of the earth’. Thus my mother and her effortless style in the 1970s have inspired this debut collection. The recurring print, engraved in leather, and printed on chiffon, is derived from wave rock formations, and it is an ode to the position that my mother plays in the family – the rock of the family. Growing up my mother taught me how to do Zulu beadwork as a result I have also included some beadwork details in the clothing. 


Photography: Motheo Moeng